The Power of a Good Roundup

The roundup. On the web, this takes the form of a blog post where the author links out to a batch of stories – generally on other sites – with quick summaries of why they’re worth reading. They’re powerful posts when put together by people with good taste.

Here are three that are done well, in my opinion:

David Brauer’s Daily Glean: David Brauer of – a Minnesota based news site – runs a daily summary of the most interesting Minnesota-centric reporting he finds hitting his Google Reader at the crack of dawn each weekday. His 3-5 sentence summaries include a glimpse into the back story of the stories being covered. Being “gleaned” is quickly becoming a badge of honor for Minnesota journalists who are recognized for particularly interesting reporting.

Rebecca Kelley’s SEO Roundup: The SEO industry can be a tricky one to follow online since there is a fire hose of content created each week and much of it is total crap due to self-promotion or misinformation. Rebecca manages to pick out the truly worthy gems weekly for the SEOMoz Blog.

Erica Mauter’s Minneapolis Metblogs Roundup: While Brauer focuses on the news of the day at MinnPost, Mauter gathers lists of gatherings such a local sporting events, the arts scene, new restaurant openings, and political events worth checking out.

What do they all have in common?

– They’re on top of their topics of interest.

– They love to share.

– They have great senses of humor.

– They’re generous linkers.

Who would you add to this list? Does someone in your industry or geography fit the profile of a great roundup blogger?

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