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Top-10 Representative Posts on The Deets

Carly suggested to me once that I include links to some of the top posts that have appears on The Deets. I thought that was a pretty good idea, but then I looked at my stats and realized that top posts, at least when measured by page views, don’t necessarily provide a good illustration of what people will find on The Deets on a typical day. For example, the above graph shows a big spike in traffic for June 2008. Why? Porn.

People love porn. But that’s not all you’ll find on The Deets.

So I started looking for other ways to generate a top-10 list and decided to ask Google what they thought. The top-10 pages from The Deets on their list are likely going to be the pages that received the most buzz in terms of inbound links from other sites where the posts were discussed.

This list isn’t perfect since it looks like Google is giving some additional weight to recent posts, but overall I’d consider it a pretty good snapshot of what this site is about.

1. What Will Porn Actresses Do?
2. Blogger Sees Red Over StarTribune’s Lack of Citation
3. How to Unsubscribe from the Yellow Pages
4. Top-25 Minnesota Blogs by Google Subscribers
5. One on One with a Sleep Number Bed
6. Live Blogging Jason DeRusha’s WCCO 830 Radio Appearance
7. Making the Sweet Bathroom Love
8. Page 123
9. America’s Exponential Growth in Douchebags
10. North Minneapolis Real Estate – Romanticize the Struggle

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