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Advertisers Pulling Back on Yellow Pages

The Yellow Pages is going green. How? By shrinking in size. We already know that it would be a lot greener for the Yellow Pages to simply stop delivering their book of ads to people who don’t want them. But according to a new report from Borrell Associates, it’s not just consumers who are pulling back from the YP. Advertisers are too:

“Over the next five years, we are expecting 39% of the ad spending on print yellow pages to vanish. After 12 years as an advertising medium, the Internet has finally reached small-business owners with viable marketing opportunities in the form of keyword advertising, interactive directories and low-priced online video commercials. The recession appears to be triggering the shift. Click here to download an executive summary or the full report.”

Let’s see: Consumers opt-out of receiving the books. Advertisers start to wake up and realize that their money invested in YP goes less far these days since fewer people rely on the YP for business information. Less advertisers use that channel to advertise their business. As less advertisers use it, the consumers start to notice that the YP is less comprehensive than it used to be so they end up turning to other sources for business information.

I feel like I’m watching a big tub of water that’s starting to swirl.

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