Dog Poop Dumpster Dropping Dogs The Freets

It turns out that dog poo bombing of dumpsters continues to be a problem for local home improvement types. For example, here is a dumpster positioned conveniently outside The Freets’ house:


Now, take a look inside this freshly dropped off dumpster:

Bag o' poo

The Freets breaks it down:

“Clearly, we did not put a passive-aggressive (or aggressive, or passive) sign on our dumpster. For this, we paid the price: in bags of dog poo.”

This mistake cost him dearly. This was only the first of three dog poo dumpster drops he has to contend with. Next time, he’ll remember to create a sign like this:


A detail oriented type may have noticed something peculiar about the 2nd photo. The Freets explains:

If you look closely, there’s a fly on the bag o’ poo. He’s trespassing and I called the cops on him.

Thanks for bringing flies to the neighborhood, dog poo dumpster droppers.

One thought on “Dog Poop Dumpster Dropping Dogs The Freets”

  1. Fortunately I was able to track down the offenders. As my revenge I defacated in their trash cans. Also, I beat up the fly’s mom.

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