Best Local Pizza by the Slice

The Twin Cities group on LiveJournal has a thread going on where to find the best pizza by the slice in Minneapolis. Interesting topic.

As you might imagine, Pizza Luce is getting a lot of love. Cossetta’s is leading among St Paul options. Personally, I like both. Cossetta’s can have a long wait, although the wait for pizza is generally faster than the wait for pasta during busy times.

Do you have a preference?

3 thoughts on “Best Local Pizza by the Slice”

  1. I’ve long thought that Joey D’s, now Chris and Robs, has the best pizza in town. But they only have slices during the day, from like 11-2.

    I also like that place in Uptown (on Lake, east of Hennepin), they have an awesome Gyro Pizza.

  2. I have a fondness for Cheetah pizza under the parking garage on 7th & Marquette. It’s no frills, but the 2 slices and a pop is my favorite downtown lunch.

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