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Haystack Square at Cannon Beach, Oregon

Haystack Square

Back in the day, Lewis & Clark stopped at a place called Cannon Beach to barter with the local Native Americans for some whale meat. Apparently, they had recently landed a 105 foot whale on the shore.

And now, it’s home to a cute strip of shops that pretty much take care of my housing, nourishment, and entertainment needs. Organic coffee, burritos, vacation homes and surfing? In one stop? Heck yeah.

3 thoughts on “Haystack Square at Cannon Beach, Oregon”

  1. Wow, I am officially going to retire at Haystack Square: burritos, organic coffee and surfing. Truly you have found Utopia.

  2. Ah, I love Cannon Beach, very beautiful. Looks like you found a nice spot there 😉

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