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Jason DeRusha’s Bloginar-ing Secrets

Jason DeRusha Bloginar-ing Secrets, originally uploaded by edkohler.

WCCO’S Jason DeRusha is breaking down how many blogs he has (7), why he’s so slow at doing Good Question (MNSpeak & Twitter), how many Good Question emails he receives (60-80/ day), and why his wife doesn’t listen to him anymore (married for 10 years).

Thanks to Jason and Erik Black for sharing their thoughts on blogging tonight. And to WCCO for putting together the bloginar.

3 thoughts on “Jason DeRusha’s Bloginar-ing Secrets”

  1. Thanks for stopping by Ed… Glad you could make it tonight.

    We always love your feedback on how we could do a better job listening to and working with folks like yourself.

    Hope you’ll want to join us for the next bloginar later this year.

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