A Pay Per Click Lawsuit That Has No Chance

According to TechDirt, Google is being sued by a lawyer who claims Google has been practicing “fraud, business code violations, and unjust enrichment” because he didn’t get any leads out of $136.11 he spent on pay per click advertising.

His perceived underperformance comes from the source of traffic he was being charged for. The ads he is upset with Google about ran on parked domains and error pages. Pages, he feels, are incapable of delivering valuable, lead generating traffic.

This seems confusing on many many levels to me. Here are a few other things he could do rather than sue:

1. He could test the performance of his ads, then make adjustments to his campaign if he’s not satisfied with the results. A $136.11 lesson learned.

2. He could check the box within his Google AdWords account that would prevent his ads from showing on content related sites. In general, pay per click search traffic converts at a higher rate. However, for that reason, it also tends to cost more per click.

3. He could lower his bids for content targeted traffic. It probably would convert for him eventually. For the right price per click, he’d probably be very satisfied with the results.

4. He could work on his own website to improve the conversion rate. Perhaps there are things he could have done to his site that would have allowed him to generate leads from the traffic he did receive?

I don’t think I could explain this any better than Andy Beal at Marketing Pilgrim, who wrote:

I’m guessing that his ad campaign just plain sucked. After all, if it didn’t, surely he’d have enough leads coming in from Google’s other channels to keep him busy enough to not have time for frivolous lawsuits.

A class-action of people who didn’t read the manual.

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