Minneapolis Convention Center’s Press for Help Button

Low Safety Button

The parking ramp to the East of the Minneapolis Convention Center has the best elevator button I’ve seen in a long time. A “Press for Help” button that’s within arm’s reach of people who happen to find themselves in a prone position in the elevator.

I shudder to think about why someone would need to reach up to such a low spot for an elevator button. It’s probably a better safe than sorry situation.

3 thoughts on “Minneapolis Convention Center’s Press for Help Button”

  1. I wish elevator help buttons had emergency glass in front of them. with such wonderful imagery at the perfect height, my 2 year-old thinks they are super fun to push.

  2. Porridge, this is a 2-year old’s dream button.

    bthek, it’s around 2 feet from the ground, so low by wheel chair standards. If someone ended up out of their chair in the elevator, that would certainly be a situation where this button could come into play.

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