Touring the Tillamook Cheese Factory

Tillamook Cheese Factory

This is it. The famous Tillamook Cheese factory. At least, it’s famous to me since I’ve been eating their cheese for around 15 years starting in Alaska, and now in Minnesota when I can find it.

Mike and I took the self-guided tour, where we learned that cheese comes from cows. Here are a few we passed on our way into Tillamook:

Tillamook Cows

Apparently, cows are milked in the morning and dairy farmers wake up very early. I would not be a good dairy farmer.

After that, we tried the free samples. You could have as much as you wanted as long as you used a fresh toothpick for each sample:

Free Cheese Samples

My favorite was the extra sharp cheddar:

Extra Sharp Cheddar

You can buy cheese at the factory. They have chunked, sliced, and shredded varieties in a ton of different flavors:

Tillamook Cheese

And ice cream. Mike and I skipped this after biking 70 miles in 60 degree temperatures:

Tillamook Ice Cream

3 thoughts on “Touring the Tillamook Cheese Factory”

  1. I’ve been there. It’s pretty cool. As a chemical engineer, any sort of large scale production operation is fascinating to me. And who doesn’t like cheese?

  2. Great Post! I linked it to the new Tillamook page on Facebook because I think other fans would enjoy it! Check it out!

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