Unprecedented Hotel Bathroom Folding

The Best Western in Tillamook, Oregon is not only the closest hotel to the Tillamook Cheese factory (reason enough to stay there) but they also have some interesting things going on with their folding strategies in their bathrooms.

First, they fail at the tissue issue:


Second, they really mail in the effort on their TP:


But what’s this:


Folding the shower curtain? That’s unprecedented. Who does that?

How to they get it to stay like that? One word: Magnets.

4 thoughts on “Unprecedented Hotel Bathroom Folding”

  1. Did they really do it on purpose, or is that just housekeeping forgetting to take it down after cleaning?

  2. Thank god that chrome tissue holder wasn’t any taller or you’d have to put this one in your Censored Dance Party Series.

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