Don’t Vote for Kyle

Don’t Vote for Kyle, originally uploaded by edkohler.

A guy standing outside the Xcel Energy Center before Obama’s speech was proudly holding a “Don’t Vote for Him” sign. That is, until Kyle stood next to the sign while I snapped a photo.

Suddenly, he no longer proudly bashed Obama. He folded up the sign and quickly made a move away from my camera.

A cut & run Republican.

Update: Eyeteeth has a map of the waiting line for the event. I was at 6th & Cedar, so a few blocks from the end, but made it in for Obama’s speech.

7 thoughts on “Don’t Vote for Kyle”

  1. I heard Kyle was in favor of a tax and spend philosophy and wants me to drink some sort of flavored sugar drink.

    So, I’m not gonna vote for him.

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