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Airline Baggage Fees and Handling Scores

Expedia has a great chart outlining the costs of baggage (first and second bag charges) along with the screw-up rate per airline.

Had I only known this earlier, I would have chosen Hawaiian Airlines for my last flight from MSP to Dulles. Oh, that’s not an option? Dang.

In Delta/Northwest merger news, look forward to a 50% increase in the chances of not finding your bag on the carousel.

And bringing a bike on a Delta flight could cost you $230 EACH WAY if it’s your 3rd bag and over 62″ in diameter. Don’t put any extra crap in that bike box, or – at 50 pounds – it will cost you an ADDITIONAL $80 EACH WAY. iBike claims that Delta is the least bike-friendly airline. With prices like that, I can see why.

One thought on “Airline Baggage Fees and Handling Scores”

  1. Live in Atlanta, and I’ve gone from a Platinum SkyMiles member to I’m not sure what with Delta. I fly AirTran here whenever I can. They’ve converted a ton of their fleet to the two seats to a side jets that are impossible to be comfortable. btw, I think the whole bag cost thing is going to bite the airlines hard, basically just driving family travelers away from air travel.

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