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Metropolitan Lofts Contract Parking Issues

After parking in the ramp behind Metropolitan Lofts recently, I noticed that a vehicle in the lot had a note on it. Figuring it may be some sort of classic passive aggressive note, I checked it out.

Angry Sign on Car

That doesn’t really fit the profile of a truly passive aggressive note. For example, there are no underlined words, and the request seems reasonable. However, is the sign the note writer refers to really that clear? Let’s take a look at the sign:

Metropolitan Lofts Private Parking Sign

Okay, that seems pretty clear. Private parking is a pretty cut & dry explanation even without the towing warning.

Additionally, there is a Compact Stall sign on the wall. Let’s pull back a bit:

Dodge Dakota in Compact Stall

Seriously? Since when is a Dodge Dakota a compact car?

I feel the pain of the Metropolitan Lofts owner who has to put up with this crap.

2 thoughts on “Metropolitan Lofts Contract Parking Issues”

  1. Maybe a new category of vehicles will be created in this gas crisis….the compact large SUV. In that case, I think the Dakota and its 1/2 ton load potential will be perfect!

  2. Hmm, so the underlying question is ‘how would the MN Nice passive-aggressive person handle this?’

    How about removing three of the lugnuts from each of the front tires and leaving them a note thanking them for choosing to park in their parking spot?

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