Minneapolis Crime of the Week

Would you take a fist to the face to protect the daily deposit?

1900 Marshall St NE: Employee walking to car on way to bank to deposit company money; 2 suspects wearing ski masks pulled up to victim’s car, punched victim in face, but did succeed in taking cash; suspects fled in vehicle
CID investigating

It sounds like the crowd from the now-closed Johnny A’s 200 Club may have found a new home:

26th/Penn; Broadway/2nd St; Broadway/James; 22nd; Lyndale: Broadway Beat, Middle Watch Officers conducted detail at bar; recovered 69 rocks crack cocaine, 8 g cocaine, 3 bottles PCP/WET, 24 bags marijuana; made several arrests; 9 Arrested/
NARCOTICS; 3 Arrested/Loiter with Intent to Sell Narcotics; 1 Loiter with Intent to Buy Narcotics; 1 Trespass; 1 misdemeanor warrant, 2 Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, 1 Loud Music in Motor Vehicle; 1 Driving after Revocation, no Insurance;
CID investigating

Conflicting stories from victims? This is one of the challenges of being involved in crime. If you get ripped off or shot, you can’t exactly go to the cops.

4700 blk Cedar Av S: Officers responded to shooting at gas station; 2 victims shot while inside their car; conflicting stories from victims; 1 had bullet near his heart but was talking, stable; 2 guns involved; 2nd victim had minor wounds
CID investigating

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