Fashion: “Pooh Style” Reaches SNL

I’ve written before about the phenomenon known as “Pooh Style” where people – especially men – are seen wearing a shirt but no pants. It’s not a pretty sight. My first encounter with the term for this came on Jackalope’s blog back in ’06 when he recalled a grotesque locker room scene:

He put everything on but his pants and skivvies. He had his socks, shirts, winter jacket, and backpack on, but was still bare-assed. There is a universal order to how we all get dressed for a reason. It was both one of the funniest and most horrifying things I have seen.

A year later, it was still on Kirk’s mind, causing him to post an unfortunate thought about people playing tennis pooh style.

Imagine if the shirt just covered the privies. You throw up the ball for the serve and voila… You lunge for a ball, voila!

No Kirk. I don’t want to imagine that.

PizzaMan even had to deal with a pooh-style delivery challenge. Not good.

And now, as BenCredible and Cariann both pointed out to me, Saturday Night Live has taken on the issue with a musical tribute to, “The Best Look in the World.”

Will it ever end?

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