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Armed Robbery in East Lake Cub Parking Lot

The Minneapolis Mirror has an incredible first-person recollection of a robbery last Saturday in the parking lot of the Cub Foods on E Lake St. Here’s a sample: – The Robbery

As she spoke Spanish through sobs, I noticed that we were surrounding a heavy-duty pocketknife lying on the ground watching raindrops bouncing off the shiny metal as it lay there. Through her sobs, she revealed that it belonged to the attacker. Like CSI’s Detective Bonasera, I secured the crime scene and told everyone not to touch it.

As we all stood in the rain, the gentleman who had called the police, interpreted for her. She explained how two Latino males had pulled up in a vehicle and the passenger had jumped out and pulled a gun on her, demanding her purse. He threaten to kill her if she didn’t surrender the purse as her young son must have watched and listened in horror. She confessed that she didn’t want to give it up so easily; all the money she had earned was in that purse. Money for her children and her car keys were in that bag. She motioned that he put the gun to her neck as he yanked the purse from her. Then he jumped back in the vehicle and sped out of the parking lot. My son confirmed her recollection.

via Erica M @ Metblogs

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