Myers-Briggs Type Indicators

Carly and I had some fun this weekend taking Myers-Briggs tests. Yes, that’s what we do for fun.

The test defines which of 16 pre-defined personality buckets you fall within. I find it interesting both as a way to learn more about myself and better understand people I interact with.

There are many forms of the test. For a quick & dirty test, check out where you can simply identify yourself with the fields that best fit your personality rather than jumping through a zillion what-if’s to arrive at the same result.

According to the Myer’s Briggs test on Monster, my type is ENTP:

(Extravert, Intuitive, Thinker, Perceiver)
People of this type tend to be friendly, charming and outgoing; quick-witted, energetic and irreverent; ingenious, imaginative and creative; curious, flexible and unpredictable; logical and analytical.

The most important thing to ENTPs is being creative, seeing possibilities and always having new challenges.

Great careers for ENTPs

– Investment banker
– Management / marketing consultant
– Copywriter
– Radio / TV talk show host
– Real estate developer
– Strategic planner
– Internet marketer
– Advertising creative director

I’d say that’s a pretty accurate description of me, and that I’m doing the right type of work for my personality. According to one analysis Carly found online, the worst job for me would be a wedding planner which also sounds very accurate. If you want to learn more about me, just look up more information on ENTP personality types. That’s what Carly does.

I’d love to find out what your type is in the comments. And share something about whether you agree or disagree with what that personality type supposedly says about you.

10 thoughts on “Myers-Briggs Type Indicators”

  1. Well, I’m an ENFP. Imagine that – adapable and resourceful but sometimes disorganized….hit the nail on the head. I should be an advertising account exec, career counselor, mgmt consultant, journalist/magazine reporter, art director, inventor, or HR…

  2. INTP

    The test says I should be a web designer, which is nice because that’s what I do. I’ve taken other variations of this test, ones that go through each list item individually, and I’ve always been an INTP.

    It’s pretty accurate, I’d say.

  3. I usually test as an INTJ, although I’ve occasionally gotten ISTJ, and I think it depends on whether I’m thinking about “at work” vs “at home”.

    Both descriptions are pretty close. Both suggest I should be an engineer and – lo! – I am an engineer. It also suggests, amongst other very analytical-type jobs, being a freelance writer which I don’t see at all.

    (My favorite personality typing system is the Enneagram, by the way.)

  4. Most days I’m an ENFP but today I was an ENTP, which I guess doesn’t matter because Monster said both of them should be copywriters. No surprise here at all.

  5. I believe I tested out in the past as INTP, but then I began to doubt my honesty and awareness of self, then again I became aware of another test that allows you to rank yourself twice, once in normal conditions and the second time as you perceive yourself under stress…and I thought ‘yeah, that’s the problem, people (even me!) change under stress’.

    So, then I stopped testing myself because I was an unreliable judge of myself, and as relates to work it would be better to pick a job that reflects how I am when stressed, because I tend to find work stressful. Or, is that the noble goal, that I would find that job that rarely stresses me out? Hmm, is that even possible? I think people create their own stress in the absence of naturally supplied stress, don’t they?

  6. wow! I am also an ENTP, have taken the test a few times over the years. My E gets weaker or stronger over time. I do agree with it, it makes sense. Can’t see myself as an investment banker though. 🙂

  7. Jeepers. Many of the rarer types of personalities here.

    I’m another INTP. We’re 3.3% of the population. ENTPs are 3.2%.

    The most common are ISFJ (13.8%) and ESFJ (12.3%).

    According to the never wrong Wikipedia, INTPs and some ENTPs are nicknamed “Architects” and can be described as follows:

    “Credentials or other forms of traditional authority do not impress Architects. Instead, logically coherent statements are the only things that seem to persuade them. Architects highly value intelligence, and can be impatient with people with less ability than they have. Architects often perceive themselves as being one of the few individuals capable of defining the ends a society must achieve and will often strive to find the most efficient means to accomplish their ends. This perspective can make Architects seem arrogant to others.”
    Elitist snobs…

  8. Deets, My wife is an ISFJ. I on the other hand am an ESFP (who likes to be the life of the party – a very accurate description). I’m doing an interesting experiment over at my blog. I am categorizing bloggers by their M-B type with a link to their blog.

    For what it’s worth, this may prove to be a great resource to find other bloggers who share the same personality.

    Come on by and check it out. If you would like your blog listed, just leave a comment and I wil make sure to add you to the list. I am not being compensated on the project and there are no ads on my site. This is just for fun and who know’s, it might bring some additional traffic to your blog. 🙂

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