Choosing a Blogging Platform

Should you host your own blog? If so (or not) what are your options and why should you choose one over another?

These are common questions from people who are considering getting into blogging for business or something beyond blogging on their MySpace or LiveJournal account.

Based on my experience, here is how I’d help guide someone to the right solution for their needs today:

Choosing a Blogging Platform

This will surely change over time as new players enter the market, current players slip behind, etc. so please keep in mind that the recs here represent here and now and will probably look ridiculous in a year or two .

But, with that in mind, the important thing to remember is that any new blog platform will have to make it easy for currently bloggers to transfer their blogs if they hope to gain an audience. If that’s the case, most of the blog platforms mentioned in this diagram should be transferable. Stay away from MySpace if you think you’ll ever want to republish your posts somewhere else.

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