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Gas = Bad. Sewage = Fine?

A Shakopee Cub Foods had a scare on Tuesday when store employees thought there was a gas leak. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case. Here’s what really happened:

Cub Foods re-opened after evacuation

After inspecting the store, someone from Centerpoint Energy determined there was no gas leak and the smell was from sewage, according to an emergency dispatcher.

Ah, much better. No problems here. Back to business as usual. It’s just a sewage odor.

Wait a sec. Is that normal in Shakopee? Personally, I don’t expect to smell sewage inside places I shop for groceries.

3 thoughts on “Gas = Bad. Sewage = Fine?”

  1. Most people wouldn’t notice a sewage smell in the Shakopee Cub over the odor of the fish going bad in the “seafood” market and the rotting produce stench inside the door.

  2. My experience at the Cub Foods off Lake Street and the one over off University in St. Paul, is that such a smell would be indistinguishable from the people.

    Seriously, portions of both the workers and the customers at Cub Foods appear, angry, depressed, and unshowered.

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