Where Does The Deets’ Traffic Come From?

I get asked a lot about traffic numbers and sources for The Deets and think it would be fun to share some nuggets from time to time.

To kick things off, here is a report of the top-10 sources of traffic for thedeets.com for April 2008:

Source/Medium	                Visits
1. google / organic	                47.26%
2. mnspeak.com / referral            13.60%
3. (direct) / (none)	                  9.40%
4. google.com / referral	          6.11%
5. blogs.citypages.com / referral      2.66%
6. images.google.com / referral	  2.37%
7. yahoo / organic	                  1.67%
8. outside.in / referral	                  1.37%
9. deetsmedia / banner	                  1.34%
10. s4xton.com / referral	          1.01%

Here is what I see:

1. Be nice to Google. One thing I’ve done recently is update the copy in old posts that were pulling top-10 rankings to make them slightly more aligned with popular searches. This moved quite a few posts into the top-3 results on Google for relevant terms, bringing in an extra 10-15 visitors per post per day. That adds up.

2. Getting linked up on MNSpeak can deliver a lot of traffic. Here’s how to make that happen.

3. It’s always great to see direct traffic rising, since that’s largely regulars who’ve bookmarked the site.

4. Google.com referrals are generally Google Reader or iGoogle. If you don’t think RSS drives traffic – even with full feeds – check that out.

5. As far as I can tell, the CityPages traffic came from Jim Norton linking me up a while back. Thanks Jim. Keep the links coming.

6. I publish a lot of images, and always include relevant ALT tags with the images. This seems to bring in a lot of traffic but the bounce rate is high. Basically, they rarely stick around to do anything. not a big deal, really.

7. Poor Yahoo. But at least it made the top-10 unlike MSN or Ask.

8. Outside.in. If you write about local issues, submit your site for inclusion. If you don’t consistently write about local stuff (like me) submit an RSS feed of local content (on wordpress, add /feed/ to a category’s URL to do this).

9. Deets Media. Local ads on local sites. Give some local bloggers some money and get some traffic back.

10. s4xton.com. Aaron’s mentioned me in a few posts lately. Keep up the great work, Aaron.

2 thoughts on “Where Does The Deets’ Traffic Come From?”

  1. Here’s my top 10 in April:

    1. google / organic 45%
    2. (direct) / (none) 14.5%
    3. mnspeak.com / referral 4%
    4. blogs.citypages.com / referral 3%
    5. flickr.com / referral 3%
    6. google.com / referral 3%
    7. images.google.com / referral 2%
    8. tubbypaws.blogspot.com / referral 2%
    9. slice.seriouseats.com / referral 1%
    10. maps.google.com / referral 1%

    Google and my regular visitors drive the traffic. MNspeak does give a nice boost but City Pages does get traffic too. Linking back to my blog posts from my Flickr photos helps a lot. The Google referrals I believe are mostly people using Google reader. The Tubbypaws was in regards to my Ceiling Cat in the comments and the Slice links are from my trip to the pizza farm. I also got a lot of hits from seriouseats.com outside of the Slice site so the percentage might be a bit higher if I combined them.

    The Google Maps referrals are thanks to this map created by The Deets. I now point to this map from some of my pizza posts. Keep up the great work, Ed!

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