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Can You Play Strip Poker at a Nudist Resort?

I’m trying to picture how this works:

Oakwood Club – Minnesota Nude Recreation Club & Resort

Oakwood offers a variety of activities. Sand Volleyball on the weekends. Horseshoes, shuffleboard, petanque, Texas Holdem Tournaments every Saturday night, swimming, archery range, club dinners, theme dances and much more.

Do nude poker players have additional “tells” to worry about? Would your body language reveal your pair of aces?

2 thoughts on “Can You Play Strip Poker at a Nudist Resort?”

  1. A few thoughts:

    1. Nude sand volleyball sounds like a TERRIBLE idea, assuming you dive for any balls. Ha ha I said balls.

    2. All these people showing up to play poker fully clothed reminds of what it is like when kids who go to Catholic school, for one day a year, get to wear no uniform, but whatever clothes they want. It taks some to calibrate what these people look like when they aren’t wearing the same clothes you see them in every day.

    Or when a bunch of runners who only know each other through a running club, show up at a social function in something other than running clothes.

    Or… well, you get the idea.

  2. I actually know something about Oakwood, I’m sad to say. I used to be forced to go there as a kid because of my father and his addictions. Thankfully, we quit when I was a teenager. They actually show up in clothes. And if they were there all day, they go and get dressed. The conversation one oft hears is “how much clothes should I put on? I don’t want to lose, and yet I don’t care if anyone sees me either. Plus, I don’t want to thought of as being conservative.”

    As far as “additional tells”, there isn’t any. Poker face is a poker face. And Volleyball? I don’t recommend it or that place – especially if they haven’t hired a life guard! The kids watch themselves while the stupid idiotic parents play volleyball. We can only go into the pool if an adult is present. And you MUST not wear bathing suit? Why? Me dad wanted to see you in the buff. He wanted to convert all of USA into a nudefest. Legal Child Por- NO -graphy is how I saw it when I was very young. My opinion has never changed on that. You just didn’t take pictures. Didn’t need to. It was free. Of course, if you were gaggling too much, you’d be kicked out of the club. They did try to keep the club family friendly and was quite active in keeping the fools out.

    Just imaging going to church every Sunday morning (Lutheran church, and as members, not elders), and then having to make excuses as to why at age 5 you can’t tell where you go after church! Then, imagine you as a young teenage, trying to explain to your friends, why you can’t tell them why you can’t play this weekend (the umpteenth weekend in a row!) Sure I lost friends. They were believers who beleived in upholding the very Bible I believed in. Of course they were going to run. I wanted to join them.

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