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Dayton’s Bluff Vacant Home Tour This Weekend

The Dayton’s Bluff Neighborhood is hosting a vacant home tour this weekend for people interested in investing in the neighborhood.

Real Estate Snippets: Vacant Home Tour

If you’ve ever considered doing rehab on an old St. Paul home, this might be a way to check out your options. The tour starts at 798 East 7th Street in St. Paul with FREE trolley rides to the homes! The trolley ride alone is an attraction for me! More info can be obtained at the Dayton’s Bluff website.

A neighborhood that’s organized enough to hold vacant home tours is a neighborhood worth checking out.

Go find an affordable home to fix up within walking distance of The Strip Club Steakhouse.

MPR has more.

3 thoughts on “Dayton’s Bluff Vacant Home Tour This Weekend”

  1. Also, a neighborhood cool enough to have me living in it, is a neighborhood worth checking out.

    Dayton’s Bluff even has it’s own little paper. It’s a great place!

  2. I went to this today – it was awesome! Still one day left to check it out, and I highly recommend it. Make sure to hit the house on Bates – it’s stunning.

    And we’re going to copycat it over in Central on June 7 too – I’m very excited! Ranty will be your official trolly tour guide on that one… 🙂

  3. GREAT NEIGHBORHOOD!! This is the next hot area. With such great prices it would be a good time to find a house and invest and build some wealth

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