Minneapolis Crime of the Week

The opposite of a drive by:

6th/Cedar Av: Approx 9:15 pm, man shot while driving near intersection; he drove short distance after being shot, crashed into unoccupied parked car; another man was seated in car with victim when shooting occurred; victim died at scene according to attending paramedics
CID investigating

Another sniper:

1400 blk E Franklin Av: During midday shift change officers received report of shooting on roof; caller said he’d been shot by someone who was still on roof; officers called on several squads to assist in closing street to traffic, setting up patrol rifle perimeter; officers observed man hanging from edge of roof on NW corner of building then make his way down side of building; officers took him into custody; suspect appeared to have been under influence of narcotics, frothing from mouth; suspect transported to HCMC: Crisis Intervention

I can understand noticing a car driving without lights, but did they really notice two different plates before pulling the car over?

12th St/ Currie Av: Officers observed car with 2 different license plates, driving at night without headlights; officers conducted traffic stop, recovered semi-automatic handgun, crossbow with scope, large amount crack cocaine, other narcotics (some of which packaged for sale) $57K cash in plastic bag; follow-up search warrant of vehicle yielded $100, jewelry, quantity of oxycodone, codeine: Arrested/ NARCOTICS
CID investigating

Kenwood Parkway: where neighbors really do watch:

1000 blk Kenwood Pkwy: 2 suspects seen entering, leaving residence; officers tracked 5 suspects to 500 blk Queen Av N; 2 have been charged :5 Arrested/ BURGLARY
CID investigating

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  1. You know, I’m glad I work in a field where I never have to experience someone “frothing from mouth”. Just sayin’.

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