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Residence Inn vs Marriott

Last week I blogged about Marriott’s premium TP display where they use TP stickers:

Marriot TP

Katie suggested that this is wasteful, while Gabe explained that someone is supporting their family making these stickers (not to mention that someone is likely getting paid hourly to stick those stickers on the rolls). Jeremy’s only concern is that they may be scratch-n-sniff, which I suppose is a legitimate concern.

So this week, I’ve found myself in a Residence Inn by Marriott over in Traverse City, Michigan, which is nice, but not quite regular Marriott nice. Check out the difference:

Residence Inn by Marriott TP

It still has that hotel feel, but there is a definite difference that helps justify the added expense of the regular Marriott locations.

4 thoughts on “Residence Inn vs Marriott”

  1. Dude…we might need an intervention on your tissue habit.

    You know, just because…sniff sniff…we worry about you man!

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