Twin Cities from the Air

I snapped a couple of shots of Minneapolis and St. Paul while passing over the cities on the way to Chicago today. Clicking the images will take you to Flickr where you can see larger versions.

Cooper Neighborhood

That’s the Cooper Neighborhood of Minneapolis. The St Thomas University track is at the top of the photo across the Mississippi river gorge. The field in the middle of the photo is Minnehaha Academy’s soccer and lacrosse stadium at the high school.

Mississippi River, Lake St Bridge

The lower bridge is Lake St and the further one is the Ford Bridge next to the Ford plant. It’s approximately a 6-mile loop if you run the trails on both sides of the river, crossing the two bridges.

St Paul Snelling Avenue

A good slice of the NW section of St Paul. The North-South main drag is Snelling Ave starting at Har-Mar Mall, facing South. The MN State Fair and Como Park (and lake) are in the shot with downtown St Paul in the upper left.

Como Golf Course

Como Golf Course’s East-West running glaciers seem to be still holding up for some spring cross country skiing. What’s up with the green fields at McMurray (upper left)? Do they have field turf over there these days?

St Paul from the North

Downtown St Paul. Republican-ready.

4 thoughts on “Twin Cities from the Air”

  1. Amazing how much snow still lingers there. I was in Indy yesterday and there are buds on some of the trees there already!

  2. That’s one of the neat things about having so much water around. It makes it easier to pick out landmarks and figure out where you are. I don’t like window seats, but I do enjoy trying to figure out what’s out the window when landing at MSP.

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