The Grind & Brew of Blenders

Grind and Blend

I discovered this device at the MOA’s Sharper Image location the other day. You stick ice in the top and end up with margaritas in the blender. It retails for $299, but can be yours for $200 at the MOA since the Sharper Image is closing down and clearing everything out.

I got a kick out of this review from Amazon:

Exactly true to its claims, the thing actually makes perfect consistency margaritas and any other frozen drinks you can think of. I think I like it more than my wife. It has a “power tool” vibe to it that guys appreciate. Spinning blades and high speed motors. What could possibly go wrong?

Sharper Image is even selling their life-size Superman statue – marked down from $5000 to $3500. Not bad, eh?

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