14 thoughts on “Beer Bottle Label Map of the USA”

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  2. Any map that does not use Yuengling for PA is junk. Oldest brewery in America and dare I say the best beer too.

    Thanks for the map, Ed. I may have to make it my mission to drink a beer from every state, even Arkansas!

  3. I think the picture is just a screengrab of the flash version, which is broken, not showing Arkansas, Delaware, or Rhode Island (you can see them if you click on the state).

  4. Now I can travel the country in my living room! Thanks, Ed.

    P.S. Anybody got a favorite Schell’s beer? Mine’s Firebrick.

  5. a former Houstonian now living in Arkansas can tell you whats up with Arkansas. From the Oklahoma state line down to the Loiusiana state line and all points in between Hot Springs and Texarkana, there is only TWO places you can actually go to buy retail beer… Hot Springs and Texarkana… in fact I think statewide, that only leaves Fort Smith, Fayetteville, Jonesburough and Little Rock as the other places where it’s possible…the rest of the state is DRY DRY DRY.. I’ve lived in 2 counties so far and it was 24 miles round trip in each one for a cool sip of beer… the only thing that gets brewed in this state is “Shine” and we all know how our BIG government feels about that. ..

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