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Minneapolis Crime of the Week

Oldest rule in the book: If you’re carrying crack, don’t act like a crackhead when you get pulled over:

29th/Fremont Av: Officers assisted stopped vehicle for careless driving, driver appeared nervous, made furtive movements inside vehicle; officers checked area where driver was reaching, recovered 124.5 grams powder cocaine; 4.7 grams crack cocaine: Arrested/NARCOTICS (suspect has 77 previous arrest records)
CID investigating

And don’t jay-walk with weed:

Franklin/Nicollet Avs S: Community Response Team (CRT) officers stopped man for crossing street against red light; when asked for ID he fled on foot, but was quickly taken into custody; recovered 57 grams marijuana individually wrapped in dime bags: Arrested/NARCOTICS
CID investigating

Darn copper thieves:

1100 blk Spring St NE: Officers dispatched to call of Burglary in progress; suspects were cutting copper pipes out of a vacant house; officers apprehended 1 suspect inside house, 2nd suspect attempting to drive away from scene: 2 Arrested/ BURGLARY
Precinct investigating

This reminds me of the Big Lebowski but with underage women:

Hiawatha/Lake St LRT: Victim forced into car, taken to address in S Mpls, interrogated concerning cell phone, taken to another address, robbed, assaulted by group of juvenile females
Investigating: ROBBERY of PERSON

3 thoughts on “Minneapolis Crime of the Week”

  1. Copper thieves are the suspected reason behind that house explosion in North last week.

    Don’t you watch the Sopranos? That is crazy bank.

  2. I have never watched an episode of Soporanos, so I’m really out of the loop on why houses blow up. Guess I better do some “research” one of these nights.

  3. The Sopranos doesn’t detail the exploding bit, just the stripping copper is a way for crackheads and mobsters to make money.

    The speculation on the home explosion was some vagrants etc. stripped a bunch of copper pipes and wiring and maybe combined with a gas leak lead to the explosion.

    I don’t know whats worse though, the fact that the houses on either side were also unoccupied, or that folks need a fix so bad they’ll strip pipe and wiring from a house.


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