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Home Decor: Beer Bottle Chandelier

We’re not sure if our current chandelier ties our dining room together.

I’m going to throw this out as a suggestion:

Beer Bottle Chandelier

This is sold by Tabby, Inc, a Texas style furniture and home furnishings company.

What I like about this is that it’s a kit and you can use your own bottles. So someone could conceivably make a Brew 52 chandelier. Tabby is willing to provide bottles for those who want a Texas feel, although I’d want to run their bottle selection past my Senior Texas Authenticity Expert, Mike N before accepting their selection.

We’re in the brainstorming phase right now so there are no wrong answers. Just throwing stuff up on the white board.

4 thoughts on “Home Decor: Beer Bottle Chandelier”

  1. I have been making Pool Table lights and Chandeleirs for somewhat of a long time. I have a policy of not posting images of the items I sell online, rather to say that you can have all the credit if you want to. I have the VERY BASIC platform on there right now and that will not be in my possion for long. ALL of my work is with LED’s and has a LIFETIME GAURENTEE !

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