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New Crate & Barrel Update for Quinn

My brother-in-law Quinn likes to take yuppie shots at Carly and me. However, as of today, I think my new comeback will be, “at least we’re not like Elizabeth Dehn” who wrote the following for Minnesota Monthly:

I finally made it out to the new Crate & Barrel at the Galleria. It’s been open for almost two weeks, after all! Which, in style editor years, is, like, a lifetime. I guess I wasn’t in a hurry because a) I’m not-so-secretly annoyed and saddened that this meant a closing for the Nicollet Mall location (not to mention Southdale), which was at the very least, a visual asset for downtown and a nod Minneapolis as a shopping destination for the masses.

Admittedly, her job it to report on yuppie things for the MN Monthly yuppie crowd so that is to be expected. I hope Ms. Dehn can turn it off outside of work and relax with a Jucy Lucy and a Grain Belt Premium from time to time.

2 thoughts on “New Crate & Barrel Update for Quinn”

  1. If yuppie were a word that people still used, well then I guess I’d be a yuppie who keeps Premium in her fridge at all times. Cheers Deets!

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