Checking Email While on Vacation

Randy Salas’ latest Technobabble column for the Minneapolis StarTribune called Technobabble takes a look at disconnecting while on vacation. It includes a few quotes from some guy named Ed Kohler who hops on his email from cyber cafes while in foreign countries:

Can we take a vacation from e-mail?

The first time I tried to contact Ed Kohler, the Twin Cities tech guru was traveling in Argentina over the winter holidays. My communiqué concerned business matters — his expertise as the executive producer of Eden Prairie-based — but he dutifully replied within two days of my e-mailing him to let me know he was on vacation.

Like many Americans, Kohler can’t seem to get away from work while he’s on vacation. Technology won’t let him, not when anyone can be reached by cell phone or when laptop computers can access the Internet from hundreds of thousands of Wi-Fi hot spots worldwide.

Read on for more on my take on this issue.

What’s your position on checking email while on vacation? Do you check your work email? Personal email?

What about cell phones? The last two international vacations I took solved my cell phone addiction while I was there since my CDMA phone didn’t work in Croatia or Argentina. Do you keep your ringer on for all-important calls while supposedly getting away from it all?

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