Minneapolis Crime of the Week

Don’t bring your guns to town, son:

Chicago/Washington Avs: Officers responded to homicide occurred 2: 30 am; vehicle collision occurred, an argument ensued between occupants of both vehicles; 1 dead at scene
CID investigating

But was the suspect wearing knickers?

3500 blk Johnson NE: Officers dispatched to report of Burglary of Business in progress arrived to find suspect matching description near broken window, golf clubs nearby; suspect initially tried to resist arrest by fighting with officers, but was taken into custody; 2 officers injured in fight:: Arrested/ BURGLARY of BUSINESS/ASSAULT
Precinct investigating

I wonder what wasn’t stolen out of this booty:

2800 blk Washington: Officer assisted HECO Task Force in recovering 6K lbs new copper, $600K in high-tech audio-visual 2 shotguns, rifle, pistol, numerous power / hand tools, suspected methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia, mostly all stolen
Precinct investigating

Minnesota nice? FAIL.

700 blk Marquette: Officers dispatched to Robbery of Business in Skyway; 2 suspects entered store; distracted the sales clerk while other took money out of cash register; clerk chased after suspects, 1 suspect punched her several times in face; no one stopped to help
CID investigating

Persistence did NOT pay off for this 15-year old burglar:

4000 blk Emerson: Officer responded to OCCUPIED DWELLING BURGLARY call; homeowner was sleeping on couch when suspect kicked door in; victim sat up, suspect fled, left tracks in snow; later suspect kicked door in of another house on blk; officers aired suspect description, began tracking footprints in fresh snow; 911 dispatcher reports 2nd BURGLARY in progress; observe suspect matching description, positively identified by witnesses: Arrested/BURGLARY (15-yr-old with 20 criminal record entries)
Precinct investigating

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