StarTribune on Riverview Wine Bar

StarTribune wine blogger, Bill Ward, spills the beans on the coolness of the Riverview Wine Bar (and Spill the Wine on Washington Ave downtown) in his column today.

Pair of wine bars deftly nail a fine-fitting vibe


The wines: The broadest, most eclectic by-the-glass list in town, offering up to a dozen cleverly matched four-wine flights and 73 wines by the glass. The pours are generous, but those who like to swirl their wine are out of luck with the squat glasses. On Wednesdays and Sundays, customers can create their own flights, perhaps the most alluring wine deal in town.

The grub: In keeping with an eatery across the street from the Mother Earth Gardens store, the menu is veggie-heavy and ensconced in the fresh-local-seasonal-organic mode. The über-thin-crusted pizzas are yumminess incarnate, the daily soup-and-sandwich combo always worth checking out.

I like this line from Bill’s blog this past Saturday:

If someone is making you feel dumb about wine, that’s their problem, not yours.

I’ll drink to that.

5 thoughts on “StarTribune on Riverview Wine Bar”

  1. I love The Riverview– it’s definitely got that welcoming yet urbane vibe Ward mentions.

    There was talk in the neighborhood that the owners of Isabel’s Cafe at 42nd & Cedar were going to expand to offer a wine bar/bistro next to their coffee shop ala The Riverview. Now that it appears that Isabel’s has gone out of business, maybe (*cross fingers*) someone else will step in to offer the Hiawatha/Nokomis area what Longfellow has in The Riverview.

  2. I do love the wine bar. It’s no small feat to have a wine bar that doesn’t have an ounce of pretention.

    Dr. Em and I in the summer go like to drink a glass or so and then get to go popcorn from the Riverview Theater. The idea is we will eat it when watch a DVD at home. But we end up eating all the popcorn during our walk home.

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