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Phallic Kids Straws?

Rocket, Sex Organ, or Just a StrawAccording to WSAZ News in Charleston, WV, a Kentucky woman took offense when she suddenly spotted something phallic heading toward her 3 year old daughter’s mouth. Wow, that sounds really dirty.

Apparently, Wal-Mart was selling straws in fun shapes including a shape that could be mistaken for a somewhat undersized erect penis.

A woman named Denise mentions in the comments that, had they been packages in holiday wrapping, could easily be considered bells rather than balls.

The poll on WSAZ asking readers whether they see a child friendly shape like a rocket or a “male sex organ” (seriously, the organ has other important uses as well) is currently running 2:1 in favor of kid-friendliness. Of course, put in the hands of a bachelorette party at Drink (the original fun bar?) and you could probably flip those results.

Wal-Mart handled the situation well. They said they meant no harm and offered the woman a refund. They also pulled the straws while they determine whether they’re worth carrying in light of the press this product has received.

Thanks to Cariann for sending this in.

9 thoughts on “Phallic Kids Straws?”

  1. Well, I see undersized erect penises, but that is only due to prolonged exposure to afterglide, which has caused irreversible damage to my brain cells. Symptoms include seeing penises in everything, including cake pans and pretzels. There’s no cure.

  2. Well Deets, you’re pretty full of yourself going around calling the dang things undersized. There’s no scale there. What if those are jumbo straws the size of a lamp?

    For the record, they look like penises to me. I would not have seen “rocket ship” until you told me. But I used to think it was pretty funny to draw penises in every dusty or snowy car. So those straws remind me of every bar I stumbled out of in my mid-20s. Each car window or dusty trunk was my canvas.

  3. Fair point, Mike N. I’m working under the assumption that they’re standards sized balls, which may be assuming too much.

  4. “Wood” you believe Wal-Mart lost its “head” and gave these straws the “shaft”?

    Sorry Gabe… not on my game.

  5. I’ve seen nuttier comments from the Freets in the past. I think the freets got cocky and didn’t think very long and hard about what to say.

  6. Please don’t be so “hard-on” The Freets. Apparently, I blew my load a while ago and my commentary is now flaccid.

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