Your Blog is Your Resume

Seth Godin posted an argument on why resumes are becoming a worthless way creative & professional people market themselves compared to other available options.

How would you rather be judged: Based on what you can cram into bulleted lists on a single sheet of paper? Or by sending someone a link to a blog where you’ve demonstrated your industry knowledge over the past years?

Why bother having a resume?

If you don’t have a resume, what do you have?

How about three extraordinary letters of recommendation from people the employer knows or respects?
Or a sophisticated project they can see or touch?
Or a reputation that precedes you?
Or a blog that is so compelling and insightful that they have no choice but to follow up?

Some say, “well, that’s fine, but I don’t have those.”

Yeah, that’s my point.

This applies to both job seeking and professional relationships such as consulting, real estate, or law. Turn prospective clients or bosses into fans by demonstrating your knowledge in a public forum.

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