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Jack Pine Closing Doors in Longfellow

Our local left-wing radicals at Jack Pine are closing their doors. Apparently, it’s tough to be a radical and make rent:

Jack Pine Community Center shutting down

Twin Cities radicals and activists will lose one of their most beloved meeting grounds when the Jack Pine Community Center closes its doors this week. Citing a lack of “sufficient energy to make the Jack Pine financially feasible,” the group has decided against renewing the lease to its East Lake Street location.

They say it was a “Herculean task” to keep the doors open as long as they did, but I think most people wouldn’t consider holding a steady job a “Herculean task” since 94.5% of you do it.

5 thoughts on “Jack Pine Closing Doors in Longfellow”

  1. Wow Ed, do you ever not understand unemployment rates.

    The unemployment rate is the % of Americans in the work force who do not have jobs. The government has been for over twenty years booting anyone out of that pool for any reason they can come up with. If your small business fails, you’re not unemployed. If you’re lazy and not looking you’re not unemployed. If you’re a displaced worker looking for work in your field and you’re out of work for too long, you’re not unemployed.

    I’ve always estimated the % of adults without jobs to be at least 20% if not much higher. But the government refuses to track those numbers because that’s not a statistic they want on the news.

  2. They lost me when they took a classic vintage brick building and painted crap on it. Way to bring down property values during your stay.

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