Is the iPhone the Ultimate Blogging Device?

Kiltak at Geeks are Sexy points to this iPhone advertisement and asks if the iPhone is the ultimate blogging tool. The girl in the video explains that the iPhone can be used to take pictures and blog them directly from the phone:

But is it the ultimate blogging device? No.

The Palm Treo is a better device for the hardcore blogger. Take a look at the dancer’s situation to understand why.

If she had a Treo, she could take much higher resolution photos using a typical point & shoot camera like the Canon SD line, then swap her SD card into the Treo to share a much higher resolution photo of an event. This would also allow her to take better low-light photos than the iPhone could handle. I have a hard time believing she captures great photos of ballet considering the light conditions and speed involves.

She could also use the point & shoot camera to take video clips of dancing rather than just stills. The clips could be blogged by emailing them to and posted directly to her blog from Blip. The iPhone can’t do video, and it wouldn’t be as high of resolution as what you could get from the point & shoot.

The Treo, on Sprint or Verizon, has faster data speeds than the iPhone which makes it possible to upload large photos in relatively tolerable times.

The keyboard on Treos makes it easier to type more descriptive blog posts to accompany your photos or videos in less time than one could type on an iPhone.

Will this always be the case? Probably not. Networks will get faster, future iPhones will have better cameras, and they’ll surely add video support at some point. But for now, I don’t think the iPhone is the ultimate blogging device.

Decide for yourself. Here are links to two ballet related posts I found on Kristin’s blog in the past 5 months. Capturing indoor photos of people moving would be nearly impossible with today’s iPhone. Just look at the quality of images of non-moving objects.

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