One on One with a Sleep Number Bed

I had my first encounter with a Sleep Number bed last night in Regina, SK at the Hotel Saskatchewan.

I cranked it up to 100 and grabbed this shot:

Sleep Number Bed - Firm

Then hopped on and rode it town to 10:

Sleep Number Bed - Soft

Before doing this, I was under the impression that the bed got softer but didn’t understand that it also turned into a bed-sized bowl.

To better illustrate the point, I took the same photos with Junior Mints:

Sleep Number Bed - Firm

Sleep Number Bed - Soft

After turning the bed into a bathtub, I learned that a loud pump kicks if you hope to make the bed firmer. I say “loud” since I could hear the beds in other rooms going through the same experiments.

What about sleeping on the thing? I eventually settled in at 90. It seems like the bed doesn’t breathe very well since I woke up hot during the night.

Also, I only set one side of the bed but used the entire bed during the night. There is a clear division between the two sides.

Basically, I’m not sold on this thing.

8 thoughts on “One on One with a Sleep Number Bed”

  1. It took me about 2 weeks to find the proper sleep number for me. In addition, it took about 6 months for the divider to “soften” up enough so that you don’t notice it anymore.

    I will say that I no longer have shoulder or upper back problems since I got my sleep number…

    I’m sold on it, but wouldn’t have been if we had not made the plunge and only slept on one occasionaly.

  2. Well-we love ours, and I agree about the elimination of back pain. This had been a problem for me prior.

    The “non-stripped-down-for-hotel” model often feature a much quieter pump (which is really a non-issue since you set it and forget it).

    I landed on a 30, initially, but have moved it up to 40 in the last few months.

  3. The recent 5000 models are a lot better than anything in the hotels. I’m surprised they’d put such a lousy product in the hotel market to promote the product.

  4. We’ve had ours for about a year and a half and are completely miserable and disgusted that we paid that much money for so much grief. I’ve tried every scenario and always come away disappointed. Personally I’d rather sleep on the couch because I get no back or shoulder pain sleeping on foam. The high walls on the edges coupled with the swag creates an aggravating experience. Lots of people love ’em, several others hate ’em. So it’s certainly not for everyone.

  5. I HATE mine. Trying to sell the thing to get a regular bed. We got the Queen with the 3″ added to each side. Hard to find sheets even a comforter set to fit. Very dissatisfied do not recommend to anyone. Sorry 🙁

  6. I have almost a complete spinal fusion from scoliosis. Only my neck and last 2 lower vertebrae aren’t fused. I paid $500 for a traditional mattress at a local furniture store. After a few months my lower back would consistently be tight and sore if I slept more than 6 hours. I finally decided to get a Sleep Number bed at Sleep Country cause they were having a 1 year same as cash and no interest for a year. I thought maybe softer would be better but and started out at about 30 but didn’t like the feeling of crawling up and over the side of the bed in the morning. I made an appointment with my back doctor and he told me that what he’s found from 20+ years experience is that a firm bed is actually better for back problems cause it keeps the back in line better and doesn’t let your spine sag. I told him that’s great news cause all I have to do is go home and add more air to my sleep number bed. The reccomendation my dr gave for a bed for back problems is to use a bed that’s as firm as you can stand and if pressure points become an issue use egg crate or memory foam pad to take the “edge off” the firmness. Good knowledgeable caring dr’s can be hard to come by. If you need a good back dr and live in western WA state my dr’s name is Kevin Schoenfelder he recently switched to Franciscan. I’ve had appointments when I had a few questions he took lots of time to answer them and than asked me a few more times during my appointment if I was absolutely sure I had no more questions. He’s very personable and relaxed. He’s definitely not rushed, he doesn’t ask questions than talk over you cause he doesn’t have time to listen, yes that’s happened with a couple of my dr’s. I didn’t like the split down the middle of my bed either cause being a single guy i like to sleep in the middle of my queen bed! Not long after I got my bed I called Select Comfort to see if there was a solution for the space between the air chambers. The lady told me they also sell a single air chamber which inflates as one whole piece and for my model bed it was $3xx something several years ago. Awhile after that I figured out if i keep both sides pretty firm I don’t feel the middle between the air chambers. On tv there have been commercials for some wedge foam thing that supposed to help your pillow not fall off the head of the bed and I think it has some other uses too. Anyway I wonder if someone could make a long triangular piece of firm foam to put point down between the chambers..or maybe some other shape might work better so the foam fills the gap better. Practically speaking I wouldn’t recommend a sleep number bed to anyone that likes a bed less than somewhat firm. Because it really sucks having to climb up and over the edge first thing when waking up…esp annoying if you need to get out of bed quick. I LOOOVE my sleep number though and can’t imagine sleeping on any other bed.

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