Where to Find Blog Post Ideas

I’ve been on a speaking tour this week discussing the value of business blogging to non-bloggers. One issue that seems to stump newbies is figuring out what’s worth blogging about.

The first place I’d look for inspiration is your sent emails folder. Scanning through a few dozen emails will surely uncover some emails were you’ve offered advice to clients. Think about how you’d describe the advice you offered in a conversation with a friend.

That’s the trick. Anonomize the advice and turn it into something you can share with the world. Turn it into something that will be valuable to other clients, prospects, or people who may happen upon your site through Google.

You just made the world a better place by sharing some information with the world and built credibility with prospects who can easily infer that you know what you’re talking about.

What’s important to remember here is that this isn’t a case of self-promotion. Self-promotion doesn’t work on blogs since nobody is interested in reading your pitch.

Set aside time to trickle out a new post on a regular timeline such as weekly or daily. Make it a habit and watch the traffic (and your online credibility) grow.

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