Birchwood Cafe Now Has Free Coffee Refills

One of Minneapolis’ top breakfast spots, Birchwood Cafe, has long caused one minor (some would say major) gripe among coffee junkie breakfast enthusiasts: they charged for coffee refills.

Their coffee is delicious and is bike delivered from Peace Coffee, so it’s probably not the cheapest thing to brew. However, the complaint isn’t as much about the price as the pain of getting up, waiting, and ordering extra caffeine hits.

But all that recently changed, as Camacho Watcho reports:

We hadn’t been to the Birchwood for a while, but we could feel something was different as we sat down. Looking around us, we discovered that people had small, silver carafes of coffee at their tables and they were pouring their own refills while they ate. That was it; that was the difference. Kyle and I were just glancing down into our mugs of disappearing coffee, wishing we had known about this when we ordered, when a waitress appeared with a carafe of coffee and poured us refills. Fantastic!

That pretty much locks them in as the #1 breakfast spot among my coffee-junkie breakfast-loving friends.

One thought on “Birchwood Cafe Now Has Free Coffee Refills”

  1. Talk about going above and beyond!

    It’s probably not practical to leave a carafe at every table at all places. Especially at places that brew spendy coffee and don’t want to waste it. But at a small place like the Birchwood it totally works.

    I like how Common Roots just has the big dispensers over on the side with a refill payment mug. I’m sure not everyone drops their 50 cents in there, but it beats having to go to the register.

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