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How You Can Help Save the Roseville 4

As you may have read, the Roseville 4 movie theater on Larpenteur Ave is potentially closing down. Rainbow plans to expand into that space.

Save the Roseville 4This has gotten a lot of people worked up on Facebook, where there is a “don’t close the roseville 4!!!” group with 500+ members and a petition you can sign at iPetition.

The petition will be presented to the Roseville City Council on Monday, March 17th, so get your name on the list if you want to keep 2nd run movies on the big screen.

Thanks to Angela for passing along the tip.

3 thoughts on “How You Can Help Save the Roseville 4”

  1. Well, I must say I was shocked when I learned that the Roseville 4 Theater was closing. Actually, when I found out the news is when I went to the internet to find out what was playing and it said that last picture would be shown on March 30th. Which was yesterday! Argg!

    As everyone has mentioned, they can remember great memories of this wonderful theater. My most vivid memories are from the 70’s when I went to see Star Wars there after it had been in the theaters for almost a year! I was 7 years old at that time. I can remember going with my grandmother sitting in theater number 4 all the way to the front. Boy, those were the days. Roseville and Har mar theaters meant so much to me. Now, all I have left of my childhood memories is the Highland and Grandview Theaters. Boy, will the Mann’s give those up too. I know it was not the theater’s owners that wanted to leave. But, i think a staple of Twin Cities history has gone by now without being saved. It is a very sad, sad, day. I will always remeber the fine memories that I enjoyed at the Roseville 4 theater. Thank you for being a part of our lives and god bless.

    Don Gillson

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