List: 5-Things You Shouldn’t Buy Used

I’ve been told by a few list lovers that I don’t publish enough lists on The Deets. I aim to please, so I’ve crafted a response to their plea.

This is a list:

5-Things You Shouldn’t Buy Used

1. Feminine hygiene products (most of the time)

2. Clam chowder (most of the time)

3. Male escorts (most of the time)

4. Improvised explosive devices (most of the time)

5. Bloody pit bulls (most of the time)

3 thoughts on “List: 5-Things You Shouldn’t Buy Used”

  1. I am confused as to why you even need to say most of the time on some of those. some of those should be all of the time.

    Although I might add any electronic item formally used by Ed, cause any of those are going to have their own special markings, Like yellow paint.

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