Will Bloggers Talk About Things They Can't Share?

Here is a common scenario among bloggers who write about their local communities: they have a variety of news sources to choose from when they’re citing a local story.

For example, in Minneapolis we have two large local daily newspapers, 4 TV stations, quite a few radio stations that do news, including a very strong public radio station. If something is newsworthy locally, every single on of these media outlets will surely cover it.

So what happens when local bloggers decide they want to comment on the story?

In a perfect world, I can imaging bloggers doing one of two things: either embedding a video from the TV station’s website for use on their own site or grabbing a photo from the newspaper’s site for use with their story. In both cases, it would be appropriately cited, linked, etc.

But what happens in the real world today? Neither. Why? Because no site provides embeddable news stories or easily sharable photos today.

Who thinks that bloggers would be more likely to write about stories from a news source that had easily embeddable content? My hand is raised.

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