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Doritos, Fritos, & Cheetos

Fritos, Doritos, and Cheetos

It’s about time someone gets to the bottom of this “-itos” situation. It’s gone on too long without a clear winner.

Sure, Kyle will tell you that Cheetos are the clear winner. But don’t you miss out on the tortilla crunch? Or, what about Fritos’ aggressive crunch with heavy salt?

It’s a tough call. Use your best judgement:


10 thoughts on “Doritos, Fritos, & Cheetos”

  1. All of them are kinda gross to me these days… but Doritos is what I’d pick given the selection. Cheetos is at the bottom of my list by far.

  2. But but but…which flavor of each of these snacks? There must be a dozen flavors, especially of Doritos, some of which are absolutely awful.

  3. While I love doritos, I give the nod to fritos on account of their added deliciousness when combined with chili. That goes a long way.

  4. I’d say it really depends on what I’m drinking with it.

    Doritos are great with a 2004 McCrea Cuvee Orleans Yakima Valley Syrah

    Fritos on the other hand, call for the swimmable fruit and pepper flavors of a 2004 La Sirena Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

    The best pairing I’ve found for Cheetos is the 2005 Papapietro Perry Winery Pommard Clones Russian River Valley Pinot Noir. Try it Cheetos and Truffle Oil!

  5. Is this a paper-less voting machine? I do believe margins this close require a mandatory recount.

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