Here Comes the Neighborhood – Frattallone’s ACE Hardware in Longfellow

Frattallone's ACE Hardware - Longfellow

I don’t think gentrification is the right word for this, but it’s close.

How would you describe the opening of new businesses that could be a sign of an upswing in the local micro-economy? For now, I’ll use the phrase, “Here comes the neighborhood” which I’m pretty sure I first heard on an episode of “Mr Robinson’s Neighborhood” on Saturday Night Live.

In this case, the change is the additional of a Frattallone’s ACE Hardware to 39th & East Lake Street in the location formerly occupied by CH Anderson Co. CH Anderson seemed to run a good business, but East Lake seems like a better fit for a retail establishment like Frattallone’s than an industrial supplier. CH Anderson appears to have relocated to Eagan.

Frattallone's ACE Hardware - Longfellow

Here’s a peak inside:

Frattallone's ACE Hardware - Longfellow

It looks like this will be Frattallone’s 14th location. They have a blog, although they haven’t been updating it very frequently.

Other examples of “here comes the neighborhood”, in my opinion, would be Lund’s opening in Northeast Minneapolis and Pizza Luce opening on West Selby in St. Paul. What are other examples?

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  1. The Turtle Bread complex (inclduing the ice cream shoppe and Punch style pizza place) and Parkway Hardware on 48th and Chicago comes to mind.

    That was a funny intersection until Turtle Bread Inc. and Parkway Hardware took over. The art house movie theater, independently owned gift shop and coffee shop gave that intersection the elitist vibe. But there was also the Pizza Hut, nasty Country Boy grocery store, and even that gun shop with a smiley face on the building.

    Even the liquor store, Ken and Norms, has a funny mix of the Haskell’s type wine and cheese crowd, and people like me who just wanted a 12 pack of Grain Belt. There was some sort of a gym there, on the NW corner, too, which I know too little about to have an informed opinion.

    But then Turtle Bread came in and took over the NW corner the gentrification process was completed, although Pizza Hut, a cheap Chinese food place and Adrian’s live on.

  2. The arrival of Buster’s on 28th is a beginning to changing the business district at 28th Ave and 42nd St. A Baker’s Wife is great and draws traffic, it’d be great if the old hardware store would be occupied.

  3. Longfellow/South Minneapolis is affectionately referred to as SLP South by most of my friends….basically all of the thirty-something that used to look to buy in SLP are now either looking at or have bought there.

    So long short….yeah here comes the middle aged white kids.

    Richfield: your on notice

  4. Thanks so much for taking the time to check us out. We are very excited to get our new Lake Street site open. We hope to be open near the end of this month- maybe a little later. We have hired some wonderful people that live in walking distance of the store so many of you may see a familar face when you stop in.

    Thanks again and I hope to see you in the store soon (my wife is due at the end of Feb- right when we plan on opening the store). I’m not sure how I’m going to deal with that but you may see me there with a little baby hanging off me like a backpack.

    All the best,

    Mike Frattallone

  5. I’ve heard some concerns raised that Frattalone’s Ace will put River Lake True Value Hardware out of business (3605 E Lake St).

    Unfortunately, I haven’t had any really good experiences at River Lake True Value, so I haven’t shopped there in more than 6 months. Mostly, the customer service hasn’t been on point.

    I have had many good experiences at Welna Ace on Franklin Ave. We are wondering if Seward can continue to keep Welna ACE alive if the Longfellons all head to Frattalone’s Ace.

  6. I agree with your take on River Lake True Value, Reetsyburger. They’ve opened the door for competition.

    Welna ACE now has competition from the South and East with Menard’s at University and Prior being pretty close for Longfellow and Seward residents too.

  7. I’m hoping this helps put a scare into Falls Hardware on Minnehaha … I’ve never seen a more poorly run retail establishment. If well managed stores = gentrification then bring on the gentrification!

  8. I completely disagree with the comments about River Lake. It is a great establishment that has been around for years. Next time you go in, ask Jim Logan (owner) for help – you’ll get great service. He has been helping the neighborhood for ~30 years and understands the in’s and out’s of the older homes in our neighborhood. Sorry, but Frattallones should stick to their suburban stores – they are not the local guys.

  9. Reviving a 6 y.o. thread… I recently went to River Lake True Value with a few friends who talked about their cool selection of things for old houses. Parkway Hardware is long gone for us 48th/Chicago elitists (replaced by a Pilates studio, so now the gentrification is REALLY complete).

    I was searching for more info on River Lake as I had just told @panndder to check it out, and had no idea there was a Frattalone’s down the street. Yet, six years later, they are both around. That’s good to see. Those bigger mid-box stores, similar to the Hudson’s close to me on 42nd, seem to have more competitive pricing on big yard and garden things, commodity tools, etc. But the old-timer stores, such as River Lake or that place on 34th Ave / 52nd St, have a certain charm to them even if the personalities can be salty to say the least.

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