Yahoo's Geocities Should Use Yahoo's Hosting

It’s funny how absurd web hosting data limits become if they’re not routinely updated to reflect ongoing cost decreases.

Here’s an example from yesterday:

Jason Kottke linked to a webpage that happens to be hosted on Yahoo’s Geocities free publishing platform. Personally, I hadn’t heard Geocities mentioned in years, but I suppose someone’s still using it. As you can see in Kottke’s comment, he was surprised to see that Geocities was still around too: Post

Unfortunately, by the time I clicked to check out the link (probably 30 minutes after his post went live) Yahoo had disabled the page because it had exceeded its bandwidth allotment:

Site Unavailable

A quick look at the Geocities specs shows that sites are given 3GB of data transfer a month, which would be hard for a relatively low traffic site to hit with one simple link from Kottke. However, Geocities doles out the bandwidth with additional hourly restrictions:

What is my hourly data transfer limit? - Yahoo! Yahoo! GeoCities Help

Hitting 4MB in an hour wouldn’t be hard at all after getting linked to by a popular blog. That’s kind of a bummer for this publisher since he’d probably prefer to get 3GB worth of traffic when available rather than turn away thousands of people who happen to find out about your site all on the same day.

Perhaps Yahoo should check out their own web hosting offering where for $11.99 they could get unlimited bandwidth for Geocities:

Yahoo! Web Hosting: Unlimited Data Transfer

However, as Jim Ray points out, long time Kottke fans shouldn’t have bothered with this link since Jason already linked to this exact same page . . . 9 years ago.

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