It’s Doesn’t Get More American Than French’s

I grilled a few brats the other day, then came inside to hit them with some condiments. I reached in the refrigerator and what did I find?

French's Classic Yellow Mustard

French’s. That’s right. I don’t accept cheap American knock-offs of true American yellow mustard.

If you’re still not sure that this is an American product, take a closer look at the cap. See that plastic stay-clean cap? That’s American engineering, my friend.

Here’s another tip. Flip it around:

French's Classic Yellow Mustard

Now look really close:

Made in USA

Made in U.S.A.

3 thoughts on “It’s Doesn’t Get More American Than French’s”

  1. Hrm… It’s true that French’s is manufactured in America, but the parent company Reckitt Benckiser is based in England.

    Now if only I could find out the kind of mustard Tryg’s serves with its fries… That’s good eatin’!!!!

  2. My vote goes to Plochman’s as well. Churing out all-American mustard in the little yellow keg bottles since 1852. And it’s made in the good ol’ midwest- in Manteno, IL. Plus, “French’s”…c’mon, the French are a bunch of socialist, soft-on-terror pussies, right?

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