Genuine American Mustard

Genuine American Yellow Mustard

You know you’re in the suburbs when – instead of offering French’s Yellow Mustard – they serve Genuine American Yellow Mustard.

Never mind that French’s mustard is made in Rochester, NY by a company that’s owned by a British company (part of Bush’s “Coalition of the Willing” (although dwindling).

Spotted at La Fonda’s in Eagan.

6 thoughts on “Genuine American Mustard”

  1. Frenchs….what do think La Fondas are the freakin Rockafellers?

    On a side note:
    did you see Kip or do any Rex Kwan Do?

  2. Hee! “La Fonda de los Lobos,” no less – am I right?

    Perfect for mixing with mayo and dipping your freedom fries, I presume.

  3. Kirk, La Fonda isn’t the kind of place where you’ll find wine varietals for your wine drinking?

    ryanol, I’m not looking for Grey poop-on. I’m not familiar with Kip or Rex Kwan Do. Fill me in.

    Correct, Ranty. I did get Freedom Fries for my American Beef burger which I washed down with an American beer.

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