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Old Country Buffet is in Bankruptcy?

Old Country BuffetI haven’t helped myself to any of that “old country” flavor in years, so I guess I’m partly responsible for this:

Economy taking a toll on restaurants, too

Among the first to feel the impact, analysts say, are restaurants that cater to lower to middle income customers. Just this week, Eagan-based Buffets Inc. filed for bankruptcy.

Virgillio has no plans to close the doors of any of his three restaurants anytime soon. On the contrary, he plans to keep customers, he says, with excellent food, good value and ambiance from the old country.

Is this a case of people going out to eat less? Or, are people going to OCB as much as ever but doubling down on the marshmallow laced Jello while they’re there?

Bonus: Old Country Buffet’s website includes instructions on How to Buffet. The verbification of America.

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